How much does each session cost? Are there any concessions? 

Each session costs £70 for 50 minutes. Concessions available. You can pay by cash or bank transfer. 

How often should I have sessions?

Sessions are usually at the same time once a week. The frequency of sessions can be discussed but is largely dependent on availability.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person. Some people find 6-12 sessions enough, some fewer. Some prefer 'open-ended' therapy, either to ensure consistent support is available or to provide the opportunity to talk free from any time restrictions. Once you have finished you can always return. 

Does it matter what my presenting problem is? Is there anyone you don't work with?

I currently work as a psychotherapist for the NHS and see patients referred by GPs. As such I have experience of working with an extremely broad array of people. If at any point during our sessions you, or I, feel you might benefit from more specialised help I will be able to refer you to a colleague or organisation.    

If I'm not sure what I want counselling for, can I still come?

Yes. This is something we can discuss in our initial meeting. Sometimes just having the opportunity to talk in the first session will bring things to light you might want to explore further.

How do I end counselling?

Just tell me. I will always suggest having a couple of sessions to finish so the ending doesn't feel too abrupt but this is always open for discussion. 

Once I've finished counselling can I come back?

Yes. I always welcome back past clients. It makes sense for you to return to a therapist who knows you and with whom you feel comfortable.